I Don’t Fit In A Christmas Gift Basket

21 Dec

I love Christmas so much that I wish I could tour all of my relative’s houses and spend Christmas with all of them. There are a couple of things holding me back from doing this.

  1. I can’t wake up that early.
  2. My holiday nightgown makes me look like a big fabric Christmas tree that scares small children (mine are used to it).
  3. The antlers on my fuzzy Christmas slippers would probably get caught under the accelerator pedal and cause a horrible accident.

However, aside from showing up personally, I have found a great solution, Emily’s gift baskets!

Emily’s Gift Baskets…Even Santa’s Jealous!

We’re counting down the days to Christmas and crunch time is here. Suddenly finding a gift that says, “Hey you…yeah you…you’re awesome!” becomes a daunting task without buying something large and impractical like a giant stuffed panda bear (the international symbol for awesomeness).

Some of the featured items in the gift baskets are the things you love all year round and some of favorites for the holidays with adorable snowmen right there on the package. Each has a little surprise tea from Teaosophy, because there’s nothing better than enjoying something warm with your chocolate during the holidays.

The Good FortuneIf good luck for the New Year came in a basket, this is what it would look like. Sure, you could read the lines in a person’s palm, but if you see Emily’s chocolate and nuts in that palm, you know that at least the immediate future is looking bright! But even after the items in the basket are gone, the recipient will have lasting good feelings about you, so it’s good fortune for everyone.

The FamilyWhen the kids were babies I used to be able to retrieve packages at the door and do what I call “Hi-Hi” (hide it and hoard it). Now I work, so if an Emily’s gift basket comes in the mail for Christmas, I have to share it, and *POOF*, it disappears. Well, with The Family Gift Basket, I don’t have to worry about that. There’s enough great stuff that everyone gets lots of what they like. No more Hi-Hi. I suppose it’s for the best; I was tired of eating in the garage.

The DeluxeChristmas is a season for giving, but honestly, the receiving part is pretty cool too. That’s why people love The Deluxe Gift Basket, because they can use some of the items for guests and parties and STILL have some leftover for themselves. Large quantities of delectable items are what gift baskets should be. Warning: When your loved one or business colleague sees this they’re going to run through the streets yelling “Merry Christmas!”

The Delivery Man is Comin’ to Town!

You can still get Emily’s Gift Baskets to your loved ones and business colleagues. Christmas gifts set the tone for the whole winter. Sure, snow tires might qualify, but what’s better than having incredible chocolate and nuts? Nothing, that’s what.

Merry Christmas from the whole Emily’s Chocolates family!!


One Response to “I Don’t Fit In A Christmas Gift Basket”

  1. Pam Hoffman December 5, 2012 at 9:25 pm #

    Just makes me hungry reading about the wonderful chocolate and nuts in these baskets. By the way your chocolate covered marshmallows with peppermint crunch are to die for – need to make them more than just before Christmas – seriously they’re addicting, the more you eat the more you want – they just give that comforting feeling along with heavenly taste.

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