You’ve Been BOOed! Halloween Poem, Hangtags and Door Hangers.

29 Sep


We’ve been “Boo-ed” signs, they’re showing up in neighborhoods near and far. Have you seen them, and wondered what they are all about? Don’t worry we are about to explain.

Welcome to the wonderful world of neighborhood boo-ing! It’s also known as “Ghosting,” and often reworked in alternate themes like “Boozing”. The Halloween Boo is simply a Fall iteration of Secret Santa.

It’s most commonly seen in suburban neighborhoods, but it’s quickly becoming a office game as well. If you’re looking for a fun new family tradition, or just want to boost moral in the workplace then “Boo-ing” is for you.

To begin the fun, print out your Boo bag instructions, door hanger and hangtags (click on the link above to download) and throw together a small bag of treats. We suggest Emily’s Milk Chocolate Graham Crackers or Emily’s Chocolate Covered Cherries, but you can use any sweet indulgence. Then secretly leave the assembled bag on a neighbor’s door step or colleague’s desk. Then sit back and watch the fun spread. Will you be next?


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